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设备特点 Equipment Features :
- 开齿穿条一体机是生产隔热铝型材的专用设备,主要是将铝型材的槽口上开齿和打毛,起到加大型材的横向剪切力的作用
- 该机配有自动穿条机构,在开齿的同时直接穿入隔热条,有效降低人工,提高工作效率。
- 开齿机构及穿条机构各机头位置均可上下左右调节,所以对不同高度的型材、隔热条都非常实用。

- Open tooth wear of the integrative machine is special equipment insulation aluminum extrusions , mainly will be held in aluminum slot on the teeth and hair , increase the profile of the transverse shear effect .
- This machine is equipped with automatic in institutions , at the same time of hobbing directly through heat insulation , effectively reduce the manpower , and improve the work efficiency .
- Hobbing mechanism and in the head position can be adjusted up and down or o , and so on the different height of profiles , heat insulation , is very practical .

工作原理 The working principle :


Wil pressure into the profile slot of the cutting tools , and the rotation of the cutting head is used to drawing profiles , on the profile on the inner cavity of rolling teeth . Driven by the rotation of the cutting head as power profile forward , through the article by tightening fixed heat insulation .

LYA-80铝门窗双柱压力机 TFH-01 隔热型材复合(滚压)机

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